July 12, 2024
Looking to get Pregnant

Ready to start a family or have another child? Getting pregnant is very easy for some women, but other couples find it more difficult. Following this simple process can help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant quickly, so that you can increase the size of your family sooner rather than later.

Step 1: See the Doctor

Before you even think about conception, it’s important to schedule a check-up with your OB-GYN. If you’re on birth control, your doctor can talk to you about the best way to phase off of it or discontinue its use and let you know how long it will be before you’ll be able to conceive. Your doctor can also run some basic tests to make sure you’re healthy enough to have a baby. He or she is also likely to recommend that you start taking a prenatal vitamin or at least a folate supplement to ensure that you’re getting the nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy.

vaginal ultrasound in ectopic pregnancy

Step 2: Monitor Your Monthly Cycles.

After your doctor has cleared you for conception, it’s time to start monitoring your menstrual cycle. You can use a mobile app to do the work for you or use a calendar. Mark the first day of your menstrual cycle as day one and then count the number of days until the next one occurs. Most experts recommend that you keep track of your menstrual cycle for 3 to 4 months in order to begin to see a pattern. Don’t worry if your menstrual cycles do not last for the same number of days each month. Your cycles do not have to be equal for you to get pregnant, but monitoring closely will help to give you the best chance of picking the right time to conceive.

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